Andrew Tate Invests Over $100 Million in Bitcoin, Plans to Fully Divest from Fiat and Banks

Andrew Tate Invests Over $100 Million in Bitcoin, Plans to Fully Divest from Fiat and Banks
Photo by Jp Valery / Unsplash

In a surprising pivot from his earlier reservations about cryptocurrency, influencer and entrepreneur Andrew Tate has announced an investment of more than $100 million in Bitcoin, signaling a complete departure from fiat money and traditional banking. This move represents a dramatic shift for Tate, who previously expressed skepticism about the crypto space and even criticized the issuance of personal tokens.

From Skepticism to Full Adoption

Previously, in May 2023, Tate was openly critical of cryptocurrencies, stating he wanted no part in potentially deceiving fans by launching his own token. However, by February 2024, his stance appeared to have changed markedly. He announced plans to launch a personal token with an initial market capitalization of $100 million. Despite receiving substantial backlash, Tate reassured his followers that he would never sell the currency, aiming to strengthen its market position.

Breaking with Banks

Tate has expressed frustration with the traditional banking system, accusing it of fraudulence and inefficiency. "I know I shouldn't make this move during these turbulent times, but I am going to completely move out of fiat and invest over $100 million in Bitcoin," Tate declared. He added that he has "finished" with banks and their money, emphasizing the lack of control and autonomy they offer compared to cryptocurrencies.

Promising Transparency

Tate has also pledged to provide proof of his Bitcoin transactions to validate his claims publicly, a commitment that adds a layer of transparency to his investment moves. This vow to demonstrate his actions publicly could be a significant step in building trust within his community and the broader cryptocurrency market.

Industry Responses

Joe Burnett, a representative from Blockware Solutions and known Bitcoin maximalist, commented on Tate's decision, describing it as a move of "common sense" rather than folly. Burnett criticized the traditional system of wealth storage which is accessible only with the permission of a selected elite, highlighting the benefits of decentralized assets like Bitcoin.

Echoing Prominent Investors

Tate's move aligns with sentiments from other well-known financial commentators and investors, such as Robert Kiyosaki, who have advocated for ditching fiat in favor of investments in precious metals and Bitcoin. Kiyosaki has repeatedly labeled fiat money as "fake" and encouraged a shift towards more tangible assets.


Andrew Tate's bold decision to invest a significant portion of his wealth into Bitcoin and his complete abandonment of fiat and traditional banking systems mark a notable development in his career as an entrepreneur and public figure. By embracing cryptocurrency, Tate is not only diversifying his investment portfolio but also positioning himself at the forefront of a financial revolution that challenges traditional monetary systems and heralds a new era of economic independence and transparency.