Bitcoin ETFs Won’t Be a Threat to MicroStrategy, Saylor Says

Bitcoin ETFs Won’t Be a Threat to MicroStrategy, Saylor Says
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Co-founder says leverage and no fees make the stock attractive

Software maker pursues dual strategy with Bitcoin purchases

In a recent interview with Bloomberg TV, MicroStrategy Inc. executive chair and co-founder Michael Saylor articulated his confidence in the enduring attractiveness of his company to investors seeking exposure to Bitcoin, even amidst potential competition from newly approved exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that hold the cryptocurrency.

“The ETFs are unlevered and they charge a fee,” Saylor explained. “We provide you leverage, but we don’t charge a fee. We offer a high-performance vehicle for people that are Bitcoin long investors.”

The enterprise software firm based in Tysons Corner, Virginia, has embraced a dual corporate strategy that prominently features the acquisition of Bitcoin, establishing itself as the largest publicly traded company to hold the digital asset on its balance sheet. As of November 30, MicroStrategy's holdings amounted to approximately $6.5 billion in Bitcoin.

Saylor's Bullish Outlook on Bitcoin and ETFs

During his appearance on “Bloomberg Crypto,” Saylor voiced his bullish outlook for Bitcoin's future, particularly in 2024. He posited that the approval of a Spot Bitcoin ETF could be one of Wall Street's most significant developments in three decades. This optimism is rooted in the potential mainstreaming and institutional acceptance of Bitcoin that an ETF could usher in.

Analysts are currently anticipating the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs by mid-January, a development that could further legitimize cryptocurrency in the eyes of traditional investors.

MicroStrategy's Leveraged Bitcoin Strategy

Saylor highlighted MicroStrategy's strategic approach to leveraging its Bitcoin investment. “We can take advantage of intelligent leverage,” he stated. “We can borrow money at zero percent interest for many years, and we did that with the convert, and we can use that to buy Bitcoin.” This strategy has been central to MicroStrategy's recent financial maneuvers, allowing it to amplify its investment in Bitcoin while maintaining capital efficiency.

The company's stock has seen remarkable growth, surging over 300% this year, a performance that notably outstrips Bitcoin’s 150% rally in the same timeframe. This disparity underscores the efficacy of MicroStrategy's approach in capitalizing on the cryptocurrency trend.

The Impact of Bitcoin ETFs on the Market

The introduction of Bitcoin ETFs represents a significant shift in the cryptocurrency market. By providing a regulated and easily accessible means for investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin, these ETFs could potentially attract a new segment of investors who have been hesitant to invest directly in cryptocurrencies due to concerns over security, regulation, and volatility.

However, Saylor believes that the unique value proposition offered by MicroStrategy, particularly its leverage strategy and absence of associated fees, will continue to make it an attractive option for investors who are bullish on Bitcoin.

Continuing Trends and Future Outlook

The broader cryptocurrency market has seen a surge in interest and investment over the past year, with institutional investors and major corporations increasingly acknowledging the potential of digital assets. This trend is expected to continue, particularly as regulatory frameworks around cryptocurrencies become more defined and user-friendly platforms for trading and investing in digital assets are developed.

In this evolving landscape, MicroStrategy's aggressive Bitcoin acquisition strategy and Saylor's optimistic outlook position the company as a prominent player in the cryptocurrency domain. The potential approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs could further catalyze this market, creating new opportunities and challenges for companies like MicroStrategy.


As the cryptocurrency market continues to mature and gain mainstream acceptance, the strategies employed by companies like MicroStrategy and the introduction of new investment vehicles like Bitcoin ETFs will play a crucial role in shaping the future of digital asset investment. Saylor's confidence in his company's approach, amidst these changes, highlights the dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of this financial frontier.