Buffett bets on Japan

Buffett bets on Japan
Photo by stevosdisposable / Unsplash

The legend is stepping up investments in Japanese stocks. Now 7.4% of Buffett's assets are Japanese stocks. The billionaire himself is planning several meetings with managers of large Japanese companies. They will discuss investments and their business in general. And why does Buffett have such an interest in the country of the rising sun? Because monetary policy is turbulent there at the moment.

So much of Buffett's attention to Japan is a sign of the region's investment appeal. Buffett's style is to buy well-run and undervalued companies. And even despite the uncertainty of the country's DCP prospects, the stock market is now on the upswing.

And here are some comments from investment analysts on the impending investor reaction:

"Buffett's words may encourage foreign investors to invest in Japanese stocks soon," Hiroshi Namyoka, chief strategist at T&D Asset Management.

"Buffett's investment in the short term doesn't have much impact on the broad market. But that's not the case with the companies he's invested in. They are growing," John Weil, strategist at Nikko Asset Management.

Incidentally, Buffett holds shares in Mitsui and Mitsubishi, which have done x2 since 2020.

What has Buffett invested in recently? Berkshire's portfolio has changed by early 2023. Shares in TSM, U.S. Bancorp, Bank of New York Mellon, Activision, Chevron, McKesson and Ally have been sold. Shares in Louisiana-Pacific, Apple and Paramount have been increased. Buffett is withdrawing from banks and the risky sectors of companies. And free funds will apparently go to Japan.