Cointelegraph Retracts Rushed ETF News Following Uncorroborated Source

Cointelegraph Retracts Rushed ETF News Following Uncorroborated Source
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

In a surprise turn of events, renowned cryptocurrency news outlet Cointelegraph has publicly acknowledged a lapse in its editorial process. An unauthorized news story about an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) was rapidly published without the necessary verification of its primary source or the standard editorial endorsement.

What Went Wrong?

Representatives from Cointelegraph admitted that an overeager staff member rushed the publication process for a piece of news regarding an ETF. This bypassed the typical vetting procedures that ensure the news' credibility and authenticity.

The root of the misinformation stemmed from an unverified screenshot provided by a user referred to as 'X'. This individual asserted that the captured image was taken from a Bloomberg terminal, thus giving the impression of legitimacy.

Bloomberg terminals, known for their reliable and up-to-date financial data, are an essential tool for professional traders and financial institutions worldwide. Therefore, news or information derived from such a reputable source would naturally be considered highly credible. This might have added to the urgency felt by the staff member.

Repercussions and Public Response

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, where news can significantly influence market dynamics, such lapses can have massive implications. The publication of the uncorroborated news likely led to hurried investment decisions, potentially impacting traders and stirring the market.

The cryptocurrency community, renowned for its vigilance, quickly noticed the discrepancies. A flurry of online discussions emerged, prompting Cointelegraph to delve deeper into the source of the information.

What Now for Cointelegraph?

Understanding the gravity of the situation, Cointelegraph has taken full responsibility. They have retracted the story and are now in the process of conducting an internal review to pinpoint how their established editorial protocols were sidestepped.

The company emphasized its commitment to delivering accurate and timely news. They expressed remorse for any confusion caused and assured their audience of measures to prevent such mishaps in the future.

"Trust is the bedrock of journalism, and we deeply regret this oversight. We are reinforcing our internal processes and emphasizing the importance of stringent verification to our editorial team," a representative stated.

Caveat Emptor: Let the Buyer Beware

This incident serves as a stark reminder for investors and readers alike to approach news, especially in the volatile crypto sector, with caution. Ensuring the validity of the information by cross-referencing with multiple reliable sources before making any investment decisions is paramount.

Experts advise that while news outlets play a pivotal role in disseminating information, the onus lies on the readers to interpret and act upon the news judiciously. Relying solely on a single piece of information without broader context or verification can lead to hasty and, often, regrettable decisions.

Looking Forward

Cointelegraph, which has always prided itself on journalistic integrity, aims to restore its tarnished image swiftly. Apart from its internal review, the platform is also considering hosting webinars and informational sessions about the importance of verified news in the crypto space, potentially turning this incident into a learning experience for all.

Additionally, there's buzz within the industry about the need for a consolidated effort. Several major crypto news outlets are contemplating the creation of a shared platform or network, emphasizing the significance of accurate news dissemination. This collaborative venture could ensure that the community is well-informed and protected from potential misinformation.

In an era where 'fake news' has become a buzzword, and misinformation spreads at the speed of light, the crypto community's vigilance is a beacon. By holding institutions accountable and emphasizing accuracy, the industry aims to foster an environment where genuine, well-researched news is the norm.


Cointelegraph's incident underscores the challenges faced in today's digital age, where the rush to be the 'first' can sometimes overshadow the importance of being 'right'. As the world delves deeper into the digital realm, establishing robust verification systems and fostering a culture of accountability becomes increasingly crucial. The crypto community, with its proactive stance, sets a commendable example in this regard.