Former Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao to Write a Book on Cryptocurrencies While Serving Prison Sentence

Former Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao to Write a Book on Cryptocurrencies While Serving Prison Sentence
Photo by Luke Miller / Unsplash

Changpeng Zhao, known popularly as CZ, the former CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, has announced his intention to write a book during his time in prison. This revelation comes amidst his current incarceration, where, according to CZ, he has found himself with "quite a bit of spare time" to reflect and write.

The news of CZ's literary endeavor was first hinted at by Yi He, the co-founder of Binance, in a post on X (formerly Twitter) where she asked her followers which book had most influenced their lives. This prompted a user response eagerly anticipating the release of a book authored by CZ himself, suggesting it could play a significant role in shaping future leaders of the crypto industry.

Responding to this user, CZ confirmed his plans to write a book, noting that the limited options for work and leisure in prison have left him with ample time to focus on such a project. He has not, however, provided any specifics about the book's release date or its contents in detail.

The user, identified as RobinTheFarmer, expressed a particular interest in CZ's insights into the collapse of Terraform Labs from the perspective of Binance, hinting at the kind of content that might be featured in CZ’s upcoming book.

In previous communications, CZ thanked the public for their support and shared his plans for his post-incarceration activities, which now include this new project of writing a book. He has mentioned that his experience in the crypto industry, coupled with his current circumstances, provides a unique perspective that he wishes to share with a broader audience, potentially providing valuable lessons for current and future entrepreneurs.

While the specifics of the book's theme center around cryptocurrencies, it is anticipated that CZ will delve into broader topics such as the challenges of leading a major tech company, his personal and professional journey in the crypto industry, and detailed analyses of high-profile cases like that of Terraform Labs.

This upcoming book is expected to offer readers an inside look at the intricacies of the cryptocurrency world, enriched by the firsthand experiences of one of its most notable figures. With CZ's deep understanding of the market dynamics and the legal challenges faced by industry leaders, the book is likely to provide critical insights into the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies and the technological and regulatory hurdles that shape the industry.

The crypto community and readers at large are eagerly awaiting further announcements regarding the book’s content and release schedule. CZ's move to write a book in such unusual circumstances underscores his continued influence in the crypto sphere and his commitment to contributing to the broader dialogue on its future direction.