"Montenegro's Prosecution Challenges Extradition Decision of Do Kwon"

"Montenegro's Prosecution Challenges Extradition Decision of Do Kwon"
Photo by Chromatograph / Unsplash

In a significant move, the Prosecutor's Office of Montenegro has lodged an appeal with the Supreme Court, seeking to overturn the extradition order of Do Kwon. The department has raised concerns, stating that the decision for a simplified extradition procedure could only have been made by the Minister of Justice. This request for legal protection was specifically aimed at safeguarding the legality of actions taken by the judiciary.

The appeal to the Supreme Court of Montenegro has highlighted the alleged illegality of the simplified extradition procedure of Do Kwon, the former CEO of Terraform Labs. The official press release emphasized that such requests are made in cases where final decisions contradict existing laws.

The General Prosecutor's Office has voiced concerns that the Supreme Court exceeded its authority by shortening the process and issuing an extradition permit, a decision that should have been reserved exclusively for the Minister of Justice. Moreover, the appeal process was criticized for not hearing the representative of the prosecution, which is seen as a violation of the current legislative framework.

The court has been urged to consider the appeal and revoke its previous decision. If this request is granted, Do Kwon will remain in Montenegro for the foreseeable future, at least until a final decision is made.

In early March 2024, the Supreme Court of Montenegro approved the extradition of the former head of Terraform Labs to South Korea. This decision came despite also facing charges in the United States, where authorities have indicated their intention to challenge the decision in their favor. This case marks a complex legal battle that underscores the intricate nature of international law and extradition proceedings.