Positive Technologies and Space Report.

Positive Technologies and Space Report.
Photo by Austin Distel / Unsplash

Q3 2022 increased revenue by 171%, and 9-month revenue was up 115%. Gross margin reached an all-time high of 91%, and EBITDA margin was 55%. But that's not all: the net profit grew 32 times, but the low base effect was also important here.

All of the company's key products showed triple-digit growth rates - a very solid indicator. The number of large and medium-sized enterprise clients also increased significantly - by 35%. They are the ones who generate almost all of PT's income. Here, of course, the company is a direct beneficiary of the departure of foreign companies and the trend for import substitution - the main driver of revenue growth was the sale of proprietary software.

"The dynamic growth of profits and the low debt load provide a high growth potential of dividend payments to shareholders," says Alla Makarova, the financial director of Positive Technologies.

At the same time, the company is not going to stop. Positive Technologies continues to actively invest in creating new products and improving existing ones. The company recently launched PT BlackBox, a product for scanning and security of web applications, and updated three other products of the line.

Adjusted net debt continues to decline, which makes not only the company's stock but also its bonds interesting to consider in your portfolio.