Photo by Carlos Muza / Unsplash

📈 Shares of biopharmaceutical Pfizer (+5.1%) are up. The company's quotes are rising after the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) meeting, which granted approval for booster doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for children in emergencies. However, it is unlikely that this will lead to any additional orders for the company's vaccines in the near future and have a significant impact on revenue.

📈 Other health care stocks, Merck&Co (+3.5%) are up on news of the company's acquisition of a cancer project from China Affiliate. Exactly which cancer asset the company is going to buy has not been disclosed at this stage.

📈 News of the sale of its Barnett Shale Gas assets in Texas to BKV Corporation had a positive effect on Exxon Mobil quotes (+3.4%). The deal is part of the oil giant's strategy to focus on more profitable assets with the lowest cost of delivery.

📉 Walmart (-19.5%) was the leader of the week's decline. The stock fell to a 52-week low after announcing its first-quarter results Tuesday, which came in well below analysts' consensus forecasts.
Earnings forecasts were also lowered. The company attributed the low first-quarter results to higher inflation in the U.S. Another driver is the supply chain crisis.

📉 Shares of Costco Wholesale (-16.3%), the world's largest club-type self-service warehouse chain, fell last week.  Published negative results from competitors significantly affected investors' expectations for the industry's prospects. Negative macroeconomic forecasts are negatively impacting consumer demand, which is an additional risk for investors.

📉 Tesla (-13.4%) shares continue to fall.  Uncertainty over Ilon Musk's acquisition of the social network Twitter, as well as the recently released Insider report containing allegations against Musk, are putting negative pressure on the stock.