Uzbekistan Regulator Refutes Rumors of Hamster Kombat Game Ban

Uzbekistan Regulator Refutes Rumors of Hamster Kombat Game Ban
Photo by Frenjamin Benklin / Unsplash

The National Agency for Perspective Projects of Uzbekistan (NAPP) has issued a statement to clarify and refute rumors about the alleged ban of the Hamster Kombat game in the country. The regulator explained the legal status of the game and warned of potential risks associated with the future withdrawal of tokens.

Dispelling the Ban Myth

Recently, various media outlets reported that players of Hamster Kombat might face imprisonment if they attempt to withdraw in-game tokens to a cryptocurrency exchange. These alarming reports caused significant concern among the gaming community. However, NAPP has officially debunked these claims, stating that it has not imposed any bans on citizens playing Hamster Kombat.

Understanding the Nature of Hamster Kombat's Tokens

NAPP emphasized that the coins used within the Hamster Kombat game do not qualify as crypto-assets under Uzbek law. According to NAPP, a crypto-asset is defined as property consisting of a set of digital records in a distributed ledger (blockchain), possessing value and an owner. The coins in Hamster Kombat do not meet this definition as they lack blockchain technology and, therefore, do not fall under the agency's jurisdiction.

In a statement, NAPP clarified, "The accumulated coins in the game Hamster Kombat do not fit the definition of a crypto-asset, as they do not have a blockchain. Consequently, these accounting units are not considered crypto-assets."

Future Possibilities and Regulatory Implications

While NAPP has confirmed that Hamster Kombat coins are currently not classified as crypto-assets, they acknowledged the potential for these in-game tokens to transition to a blockchain in the future. Should this transition occur, the tokens would then be classified as crypto-assets, and their purchase and sale would need to be conducted exclusively through national service providers.

"Until the accounting units of the game Hamster Kombat adopt blockchain technology, their regulation does not fall within the agency's competence," NAPP explained.

No Immediate Restrictions

As of now, NAPP has not imposed any restrictions on Hamster Kombat players. This stance remains valid as long as the game's developers have not issued their own token. The current regulatory framework will persist unless and until the game’s in-game currency transitions to a blockchain-based crypto-asset.

Incrypted's Investigative Reporting

Incrypted, a prominent publication, has sought to address various questions surrounding the creation and safety of Hamster Kombat, as well as the developers' connections to a Russian company. Their investigative reporting provides insights into the background and security measures of the game, offering reassurance to players and stakeholders alike.


The National Agency for Perspective Projects of Uzbekistan has made it clear that Hamster Kombat is not banned, and its in-game currency does not currently qualify as a crypto-asset. This clarification dispels the recent rumors and reassures players that they can continue enjoying the game without fear of legal repercussions. However, players should remain aware of the potential regulatory changes should the game's tokens transition to blockchain technology in the future.