Uzbekistan Student Sentenced to 10 Days of Arrest for Trading Notcoin

Uzbekistan Student Sentenced to 10 Days of Arrest for Trading Notcoin
Photo by Artem Asset / Unsplash

In a recent development, the criminal court of Tashkent has handed down a 10-day administrative arrest sentence to a 24-year-old student from Termez State University for trading Notcoin (NOT) tokens. The verdict has sparked significant attention, given the growing global interest in cryptocurrency and the varying legal stances on its trade across different nations.

Court Proceedings and Student's Admission

During the court session, the student admitted his guilt, acknowledging that he had indeed earned and sold the tokens, pocketing 800,000 Uzbek sum (approximately $62). This admission played a pivotal role in the court's decision to impose the administrative arrest.

Sentence and Additional Penalties

Alongside the 10-day administrative arrest, the court ordered the destruction of the student's Samsung Galaxy A30 smartphone and his bank card. This move underscores the stringent measures being taken to curb illegal cryptocurrency activities within the country.

Since January 2024, Uzbekistan has enforced a ban on the illegal acquisition, sale, and exchange of crypto-assets. This legal framework aims to regulate the burgeoning crypto market and prevent illicit activities associated with digital currencies. The student's case is among the first to highlight the practical enforcement of this ban, setting a precedent for future cases.

Broader Impact on the Crypto Community

This incident has reverberated through the local and international cryptocurrency communities. Enthusiasts and traders are closely watching how Uzbekistan's legal system navigates the complexities of regulating digital currencies. The case serves as a cautionary tale for those involved in the crypto trade in regions with strict regulations.

The Path Forward

As Uzbekistan continues to refine its approach to cryptocurrency regulation, this case might influence future legislative adjustments and enforcement strategies. It also raises questions about the balance between fostering innovation in financial technologies and ensuring compliance with existing laws.

Global Perspective on Crypto Regulation

Globally, countries are adopting varied approaches to cryptocurrency regulation. While some nations embrace the technology with open arms, others are more cautious, implementing stringent laws to control its impact. Uzbekistan's recent actions place it in the latter category, emphasizing the need for clear regulatory frameworks to manage this evolving financial landscape.


The 10-day arrest of a student for trading Notcoin in Uzbekistan highlights the country's firm stance on illegal cryptocurrency activities. As the world watches, this case could influence both local and international perceptions and policies regarding the regulation of digital currencies.