ViaBTC Sells 'Epic Satoshi' for 33.3 BTC Valued at $2.13 Million on CoinEx Exchange in a Landmark Blockchain Auction

ViaBTC Sells 'Epic Satoshi' for 33.3 BTC Valued at $2.13 Million on CoinEx Exchange in a Landmark Blockchain Auction
Photo by HorseRat / Unsplash

Mining pool ViaBTC has successfully sold a unique blockchain asset known as the "Epic Satoshi" for 33.3 BTC, which was worth approximately $2.13 million at the time of the transaction. This notable sale took place on the cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx, during an auction that spanned about two days.

The "Epic Satoshi" is a reference to the first Satoshi of a block that marks a new epoch in Bitcoin mining. This significant event is not only a milestone for ViaBTC but also coincides with Bitcoin's fourth halving event. CoinEx, a partner of ViaBTC, officially announced that block 840,000 had been mined, signifying this pivotal moment in the cryptocurrency's history. This block included the "Epic Satoshi" as part of the Ordinals system—a protocol that inscribes data directly onto Bitcoin's blockchain.

CoinEx highlighted in their statement that this "Epic Satoshi" is one of only four such assets across the entire Bitcoin ecosystem. These unique digital items are highly collectible and can be transferred or sold through alternative means, adding a layer of exclusivity and value to them.

ViaBTC unearthed the "Epic Satoshi" on April 20, 2024, marking a new era for Bitcoin mining, as described by the organization. The mining pool initially listed this rare asset at an auction starting from 1 BTC, indicating its strategic importance and potential value growth.

In related developments, another prominent Bitcoin mining operation, Foundry, informed participants of the Foundry USA Pool that it had taken steps to "isolate" the first Satoshi of a new epoch block. Foundry added that if they managed to secure this asset, the profits would be distributed among its clients, emphasizing the community and profit-sharing aspect of such unique blockchain achievements.

This sale of the "Epic Satoshi" by ViaBTC not only underscores the innovative and evolving nature of Bitcoin mining and blockchain technology but also highlights the growing interest in unique digital assets that can serve as investments, collectibles, or a means to participate in the historical milestones of cryptocurrency.