Web3 AI Data Marketplace Ta-da Raises $3.5M for Expansion: A Comprehensive Overview

Web3 AI Data Marketplace Ta-da Raises $3.5M for Expansion: A Comprehensive Overview
Photo by Library of Congress / Unsplash

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping industries, access to quality data has become a golden asset. Recognizing this need, Ta-da, a pioneering AI data marketplace, has recently raised a staggering $3.5 million. This investment, spearheaded by Morningstar Ventures, marks a significant milestone in Ta-da's journey to revolutionize how AI data is verified and utilized.

The Genesis of Ta-da

Founded with the vision of simplifying the acquisition of high-quality AI data, Ta-da addresses a critical challenge: the accessibility of well-organized, relevant data. Despite the abundance of information in the digital age, the majority remains unstructured and hence, unusable for AI training and operations. This gap necessitates human intervention for data sorting and labeling, a service at the core of Ta-da's marketplace offering.

The Investment and Investors

The $3.5 million funding round saw contributions from notable Web3 venture capital firms, including GBV Capital, XVentures, NxGen, and Spark Digital Capital. Additionally, the layer 1 blockchain protocol MultiversX played a significant role in the fundraising.

Ta-da's Innovative Approach

Ta-da's unique selling proposition lies in its "gamified" Web3 application, which leverages blockchain technology to crowdsource data validation. Users are incentivized with cryptocurrency tokens for recording and verifying voice data, performing microtasks, and thus contributing to the validation process. The scalability of this model is evident, as it applies to various data types, including text and images, both 2D and 3D.

Rewarding User Participation

In Ta-da’s ecosystem, user engagement is rewarded through cryptocurrency tokens, which are native to Ta-da’s platform. These tokens can be traded on crypto exchanges for other cryptocurrencies or converted into real money, offering tangible rewards for participants' time and effort.

The Company's Roots and Visionaries

Ta-da's inception can be traced back to Vivoka, a startup renowned for its AI voice technologies and speech recognition solutions. At the helm of Ta-da is CEO William Simonin, a seasoned entrepreneur. The company’s leadership also includes Hasheur, founder of Meria.com, a blockchain and Web3 infrastructure provider, and boasts advisory board members like Luc Julia, co-creator of Apple Inc.’s Siri, and Danilo Carlucci of Morningstar Ventures.

The Growing AI Data Market

The AI data market, valued at $1.6 billion in 2022, is expected to surge to over $13.8 billion by 2032. This growth is fueled by the escalating demand for high-quality data, particularly for training AI in specific applications and big data operations. Ta-da positions itself strategically within this burgeoning market.

Ta-da’s Roadmap Post-Funding

The fresh infusion of funds is earmarked for expanding Ta-da's AI marketplace and operational capabilities. A significant part of the investment will support the launch of Ta-da’s native Web3 app. Furthermore, the company plans to conduct an IDO (Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering) on xLaunchpad, MultiversX’s launch platform, a strategic move to bring its AI data marketplace to a wider audience.


Ta-da’s successful funding round is more than just a financial achievement; it's a testament to the burgeoning importance of AI data markets. By gamifying data validation and incentivizing user participation, Ta-da is not just contributing to the AI industry but is also pioneering a new era of data democratization. With its innovative approach and solid backing, Ta-da is well-positioned to lead the charge in reshaping how AI data is sourced and utilized, heralding a new dawn in the AI data marketplace.