"Will Blast Terminal 2 Within 48 Hours": Mumbai Airport Gets Threat Email

"Will Blast Terminal 2 Within 48 Hours": Mumbai Airport Gets Threat Email
Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash
  1. troduction: Briefly introduce the threat received by Mumbai International Airport, highlighting the key details: the threat to blow up Terminal 2, the demand for USD 1 million in Bitcoin, and the timeframe of 48 hours.

Details of the Threat:

  • Describe the email received by Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL).
  • Include the specific demands made by the sender and the deadline.
  • Mention the email address from which the threat was sent.

Response by Authorities:

  • Detail the actions taken by the Sahar police and the Mumbai police.
  • Discuss the case registered under the Indian Penal Code, including the specific sections.
  • Mention any statements released by the police or airport authorities.
  • Include information on the ongoing investigation and any leads or suspects.

Security Measures at the Airport:

  • Describe the immediate security measures implemented at Mumbai International Airport following the threat.
  • Discuss the general security protocols at the airport, especially in Terminal 2.
  • Mention any disruptions or changes to flight schedules or airport operations.

Background on Mumbai International Airport:

  • Provide information about Mumbai International Airport, focusing on its importance as a major transportation hub.
  • Include data on passenger traffic and its significance in regional and international travel.

Context of Airport Security in India:

  • Discuss the broader context of airport security in India, including recent threats or incidents at other airports.
  • Mention any national security measures or protocols specific to India's airports.

International Perspective:

  • Explain why this incident is relevant to an American audience.
  • Compare and contrast airport security measures in the United States and India.
  • Discuss any international cooperation or support being provided in this case.


  • Summarize the key points of the article.
  • Mention any upcoming updates or press releases expected from the authorities.

Additional Information:

  • Provide links or references for further reading.
  • Include contacts or helplines if relevant, especially for those traveling through Mumbai International Airport.