Outline for the News Story

Outline for the News Story
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FTX Former Executives' New Crypto Exchange Plans

  • Background on FTX and its significance in the crypto market.
  • Details about the former executives' plan for a new exchange.
  • Industry reactions and potential impacts.

Incrypted's Insights on PrivatBank and Monobank's Crypto Card Blockade

  • Overview of the situation regarding the blocking of cards used for crypto purchases.
  • Comments from PrivatBank and Monobank.
  • Analysis of the implications for crypto users and the banks.

MetaTrace Unveils Trace Ads

  • Introduction to MetaTrace.
  • Features and potential benefits of Trace Ads.
  • Industry expert opinions on this new tool.

Raft Protocol Hacker Loses Stolen Funds

  • Recap of the Raft protocol hack.
  • Circumstances under which the hacker lost the stolen funds.
  • Wider implications for security in the crypto space.

Tether's Development of 5 New Products for Ecosystem Expansion

  • Tether's current role in the crypto market.
  • Description of the new products.
  • Potential market and user impact.

Cboe Digital to Launch Margin Futures for BTC and ETH

  • Background on Cboe Digital.
  • Details of the new margin futures products.
  • Market analysis and potential user interest.

Crypto Assets Stolen via Fake Skype Application

  • Description of the cybercrime involving a fake Skype app.
  • Investigation details and preventive measures.
  • Broader implications for digital security.

Foresight Ventures Acquires Majority Stake in Crypto Media The Block

  • Background on Foresight Ventures and The Block.
  • Details of the acquisition deal.
  • Expected outcomes and industry reactions.

WhiteBIT's Preparation for Its 5th Anniversary

  • Introduction to WhiteBIT.
  • Planned activities and announcements for the anniversary.
  • Overview of WhiteBIT's journey in the crypto world.

Detailed News Story

[The detailed story will expand on each of these points, providing a comprehensive view of the latest developments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. It will include quotes from industry experts, analysis of market trends, and insights into how these developments might shape the future landscape of digital finance.]